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i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop


5 YEARS ago today, September 13, 2009

koriohmann asked:
Uhm. Top 6 concerts you've been to. k.

saves the day in nov 2011 w bayside
modern life is war/die young feb 2014
against me!/front bottoms/touche amore march 2014
yung joc april 2012
brand new riot fest 2013
the lawrence arms riot fest 2013
saves the day riot fest 2013
nvm just all of riot fest really

some of these aren’t the band’s show specifically moreso whatever happened w ppl i was with and whatnot

best performance i think against me! though

see you at code orange

Anonymous asked:
top six celebrity booties

idk i’m not an ass man. austin estes

Anonymous asked:
Can you handle Babymetal ?

hell yea

incrediblyheavyboots asked:
Top 6 Krysten Kucisms, skramz bands, and alcohols.

first of all, go away
secondly, idk what kucisms are and feel that would be better answered by someone who is not me.

top skramz (term used lightly or something) [in no order] la d- somewhere bottom river, the saddest landscape- all is apologized for all is forgiven, indian summer- science 1994, i hate myself- discog, saetia- a retrospective, american nightmare- year one

top alcohols- lone star, pbr, wild blue, whipped cream pinnacle, vodka/sprite, high life